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Wolf Enstein - 24 days 17 hours 16 minutes agoGood to see another cheat getting banned, Kate, great job :) .
macbeth - 24 days 19 hours 17 minutes ago2019-07-25 11:19:32 ACR: Player Adrianlocked silEnT GUID (646D21F634EC83E08C97E7E11195E94B) IP ( banned for detected game hack
Wolf Enstein - 34 days 10 hours 53 minutes agoIt's running just now, Kate.
macbeth - 34 days 12 hours 52 minutes ago@wolfie teamspeak down at splatterrladder?
Wolf Enstein - 42 days 14 hours 58 minutes agoOn my way, Kate.
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Written by Wolffiles, Dec 29 2018 at 14:36


= Return to Castle Wolfenstein =

= American Civil War Mod 2.1 =


This is PAV's latest release of his amazing "Return to Castle Wolfenstein" singleplayer modification "American Civil War". This is one of the best mods ever to be created for "Return to Castle Wolfenstein" singleplayer and is a "must have" for all "RtCW" fans.


Installation Instructions:

There's nothing to install, PAV has done it all for you. Just download the mod, click and play, set your in-game preferences and you're good to go.

Download the new version HERE

Source - BOBOT - PAV


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Written by Wolffiles, Dec 28 2018 at 19:16


= Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory =

= The Wolfteam - New Website =


The good news for all "Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory" fans is that The Wolfteam, the dedicated crew of mappers and modders, have their new website up and running. Feel free to register there and join in the discussion and get all the latest news updates as they happen.

The new Wolfteam website HERE

Source - RtCW Maps and Mods - Mike Smith


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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, Dec 01 2018 at 18:31

Nearly 5 years are gone since we announce the Splatterladder Gameserver Hosting.

The last 1664 days without any downtime.

Today I have to inform you, that this service will end on January 1st 2019.

Neither you nor I will have access to the server in 2019.

Make sure to backup your files If one or more of your server are hosted here.

I hope you enjoyed the time on our server.


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Written by Wolffiles, Dec 25 2018 at 03:09


= A Very Merry Wolfenstein Christmas! =


A very Merry Christmas from Wolffiles and Splatterladder to all our members and also to all members of our Wolfenstein Community. Your support, your mapping and modding for our beloved games, "Return to Castle Wolfenstein" and "Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory" will always be appreciated.

Let's keep these classic games alive and well, both now and in the future!




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Written by Wolffiles, Dec 22 2018 at 14:57


= Return to Castle Wolfenstein =

= Original Official Free Poster =


This is a repaired copy of the original "Return to Castle Wolfenstein" official free poster that was issued in 2001. It features many of the game's characters that all "RtCW" fans have come to know and love.

The poster has been repaired by Wolf Enstein from "Splatterladder" and is available in two sizes, 1920x600 and 3440x1070 .

Download the RtCW poster HERE

Splatterladder website HERE

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Written by Wolffiles, Dec 13 2018 at 18:00


= Return to Castle Wolfenstein =

= RtCW Asylum =

The latest update from Dialog for his very creepy and atmospheric "RtCW SP" map, "Asylum":

Dialog on Youtube HERE

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Written by Wolffiles, Dec 10 2018 at 18:20


= Wolfenstein: ETLegacy =

= InspirationTuts =


Gordon, from "InspirationTuts", who's in the process of creating new weapons for "ET: Legacy", has now released part 4 of his excellent tutorial on how to model the iconic German Kar98 rifle.


InspirationTuts on Youtube HERE

ET: Legacy website HERE




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Written by Wolffiles, Dec 05 2018 at 16:31


= Return to Castle Wolfenstein Multiplayer =

= RtCW: Crossfire XMAS Onedaycup =


The last ever Crossfire Tournament? According to Homie's post that may be the case:

"So, we all saw the journal of  TosspoT about possibly shutting down our beloved crossfire website. Also, competition is low on both RtCW and Wolf: ET. I was already toying with the idea to create another one day cup for RtCW.

I asked TosspoT if he was interested in shoutcasting the event. He said yes, and we both worked out a date that would be possible for him to shoutcast the event. So, I'm very pleased to announce the RtCW Crossfire XMAS Onedaycup! It's time to dust off those MP40's for one very last time." - Homie


Date: Sunday 16 December 2018
Start: 19.00 CET
Format: 6v6
Map pool: Beach, Village, Ice, Frostbite, Base
Format: Single Elimination
Shoutcast:  TosspoT

RtCW Tournament details HERE

Discord channel HERE

Source - Crossfire - Homie

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Written by Wolffiles, Nov 30 2018 at 00:20


= Return to Castle Wolfenstein =

= RtCW Cooperative Mod - Yo$hik Pack =


This is a superb double release from Yo$hik for all "Return to Castle Wolfenstein Cooperative" mod fans. He has converted the classic "RtCW" singleplayer mission, "Project 51" for the mod and also created his own "Yo$hik Pack", which contains the "RtCW" classic missions, "Vendetta", "Devil's Manor", "Devil's Manor 2 - Edge of Darkness" and "Dark Matters".

Remember, please, that you need to have "RtCW Coop - Project 51" installed in order to play the "RtCW Coop - Yo$hik Pack".


Download the "RtCW Coop - Yo$hik Pack" HERE

Download "RtCW Coop - Project 51" HERE

Yo$hik on Youtube HERE

Source - ModDB - Yo$hik

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Written by RtCW4ever, Nov 19 2018 at 19:14


Return to Castle Wolfenstein, is 17 years old. RtCW, developed by ID Software, published by Activision, was released to the North American market on November 19th, 2001.

Release date(s):
Microsoft Windows: NA - November 19, 2001 / EU: November 30, 2001
Linux: March 16, 2002
Mac: OS X April, 2002

Enjoy remaining RtCW time!


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Written by Wolffiles, Nov 19 2018 at 18:07


= Wolfenstein: ETLegacy =

= InspirationTuts =


Gordon from InspirationTuts has just released part two of his creation of the superb Kar98 rifle model that he's making for the "Wolfenstein: ETLegacy" project.

Enjoy the excellent tutorial!

Gordon on Youtube HERE

InspirationTuts on Patreon HERE

ET: Legacy website HERE



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Written by Wolffiles, Nov 19 2018 at 16:48


= Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory =

= Toxic Fabric Beta 1 - Fixed =


This is a fixed version of DevilsRightHand's latest map release, "Toxic Fabric - Beta 1".


# Better map -vis performance

# Better map structural detail


Download the fixed version HERE

TheWolfTeam website HERE

Source - Splatterladder - DevilsRightHand


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Written by Wolffiles, Nov 14 2018 at 19:39


= Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory =

= etl: Ice V2 =


This is the latest remake by KeMoN from the "ET: Legacy" team of the classic "Return to Castle Wolfenstein" multiplayer map, "MP Ice". This remake really is first class and brings back lots of memories of the "RtCW MP" frag days.

Changelog to previous version:
•    Added antenna to radio transmitter building.
•    Added missing tracemap. Thank you IR4 and Ensiform for reporting.
•    Fixed hovering pipes in forward bunker.
•    Fixed icicles brushes have visible border. Thank you Ryven for reporting.
•    Fixed several caulk leaks. Thank you Ryven for reporting.
•    Fixed missing texture for documents model. Thank you Ryven and WutangH for reporting.
•    Fixed ladder of guardtower not being setstate invisible. Thank you WuTangH for reporting.
•    Fixed clipping issue on the watertower. Thank you WuTangH for reporting.
•    Clipped beams in radio transmitter. Thank you ryven for reporting.
•    Clipped windows in west bunker exit lookout. Thank you Ryven for reporting.
•    Clipped tunnel borders. Thank you Ryven for reporting.
•    Removed spikes from depot wall because they implied an obstacle in the doc-run. Thank you Ryven and hatcher for reporting.
•    Adjusted unnecessary steps potentially screwing up the aim in key-fighting areas. Thank you Ryven for reporting.
    -- Tracks in the bunker.
    -- Stairs to main entrance.
    -- Red pipe near Axis north barracks.
•    Adjusted several boxes to improve the movement around them. Thank you ryven for reporting.
•    Adjusted tree stuck in pipeline. Thank you Ryven and WuTangH for reporting.
•    Adjusted rocks near Allied south barracks to use snow texture instead of desert rock.
•    Adjusted walls in the two hididng spots in the bunker to be closer to original Ice. Thank you Ryven for reporting.
•    Adjusted side wall to look pre-damaged. Thank you Ryven for reporting.


Download the new version HERE

ET: Legacy website HERE

Source - Splatterladder - KeMoN

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Written by Wolffiles, Nov 12 2018 at 15:34


= Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory =

= Toxic Fabric Beta 1 =


This an excellent "Deathmatch" map created by DevilsRightHand of the Wolfteam for "Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory".


A team of archaeologists and scientists excavating the ruins of ancient Greece discover books and documents written by a race who were known as the Stroggs. After learning how to translate this ancient language the team discover that they must travel to two locations, the Brazilian rainforest and the Northpole, in order to locate and recover alien crystals from meteorites that have impacted the Earth at these locations.

These crystals will enabled the team to create highly advanced machines that will give them the ability to open a time vortex that will enable the Stroggs to travel to our time period and continue their mysterious work, which is something that the archeological and scientific team are eager to learn from.

After obtaining the crystals the team transport them to their secret facilty, a large laboratory filled with every kind of toxic chemical known to mankind, to begin their work of creating the time vortex machines.


Download the map HERE

The Wolfteam website HERE

Source - SplashDamage - DevilsRightHand

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Written by Wolffiles, Nov 05 2018 at 21:33


= Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory =

= War Missile Beta 1.1


This is the latest update of the superb "War Missile" map, created by ETc|Gouki, Nico$ and ETc|.Jay.


The Axis Forces have begun to manufacture the deadliest V2 missiles ever created. They are producing these mega weapons at a heavily-guarded secret factory and the first of these new V2 missiles is ready to be launched against the Allied attackers in Europe.

Allied HQ has discovered the secret location of the V2 factory and despatched one of their elite Commando Units to destroy the factory before the first of these missiles can be launched against them.


Download the new version HERE

ETc|Clan website HERE

» read more on Wolffiles
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