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MAPINFO FOR: mp_theriver_2nd
ET: mp_theriver_2nd

Votes: 79 Rating: 85%
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Name: The River 2 final fixed
Game: RtCW: Enemy Territory (ET)
Downloads: - WolfFiles (download + easy map testing)
Castle Silbereck, built in 1547, protected the local silver mine. Abandoned in the 18th century, renovated by an eccentric Austrian aristocrat in 1852 adding a tram but no bridge in order to better enjoy his insanity in solitude...
Now Axis forces occupy the castle and have reactivated the old mine, using it as a bunker complex to hoard treasure looted from occupied Europe...
The Allies in an attempt to learn the secrets of the castle, launch a daring raid to steal the treasure manifest, turning Castle Silbereck into a place of furious battle..."

Review by unknown

Allies have to infiltrate the Axis fortress to steal the gold and bring it to the truck.
There are just 15 minutes time and the most important thing is to conquer the spawn flag and to keep it. This safes time and long ways to go.
A major change to the genious RtCW map ist that Allies have to fight for the tram and to build it first before they can use it.
Otherwise the objectives are the same like in the RtCW map:
- blow up the wall
- blow up the generator to release the bridge
- steal the gold and bring it to the truck

Bottom line:
If you don't like maps with long round times you're in the right place.
I dare to say that this conversation is as much fun as the original. 

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