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Written by Wolffiles, Jul 04 2021 at 21:05


Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

ETL: Frostbite - version 14

This map is an overhaul of the original Frostbite map created by Moonkey. As part of the ET: Legacy asset creation effort certain maps are being overhauled. Those maps have been selected for their stable gameplay even in a competitive environment.


After slowing down the Allied attack at the coastal fortress, the Axis set up position in a fortified storage facility. Having narrowly lost the confidential documents in Ice, the Allies have to launch a direct attack on this storage facility, as it is the only way to gain intel on the exact whereabouts of the secret rocket base reported in this area.

Hence, the Allies attempt to infiltrate the facility, steal those documents and transmit them to OSA headquarters for decyphering.


* Fixed command map icons showing outside of compass. (Thank you spyhawk for reporting)
* Adjusted position of inner courtyard truck. (TJ from hood of truck still possible)
* Changed back cover on tunnel truck from green to grey to match rest of truck.
* Fixed CP sounds playing in second round after /map_restart.
* Removed Allied CP spawns startactive spawnflag. Changed setstate invisible to alertentity functionality to prevent spawn glitch after /map_restart.
* Change from Axial Projection to Brush Primitives to enable better texture alignment/projection options.
* Adjusted various texture alignments.
* Fixed caulked surfaces visible to the player at shelf in Allied spawn.
* Changed bark texture of dead trees from temperate to winter.
* Fixed invalid shader on rear faces of terrain brushes near transmitter.
* Fixed incorrect use of skyshader at backside of two random brushes.
* Added unique ids for spawn slots to prepare this feature.
* Increased spawn slot count in garage to 32.
* Fixed glass shader on trucks.


Download the new version HERE

Source - ModDB - Kemon

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