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MAPINFO FOR: goldrush
ET: goldrush

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Name: Gold Rush official
Game: RtCW: Enemy Territory (ET)
On this map Allies must steal and escort a tank through a tropical village. Nice map with lots of hideaways and branchings.

Repair the tank, steal it and escort it to the bank. Build also a command post. Destroy the tank and truck traps, steal the gold from the bank and load it on the truck. Then drive with the truck to the exit gate.
Covert Ops can be very usefully with smoke grenades, especially when the engineer plants dynamite at the traps or later on to steal the gold. This makes it hard for Axis to take your team mates into their gun sight.

At the beginning the highest priority is the tank. There you should try to repel the Allies as long as possible to prevent the theft of the tank. The entrance and the area around the tank should be layed with mines. Don't forget to build the command post. The first tank trap should be build in time too to prevent a quick overwhelm. Later on all tank and truck traps should be build and the important places layed with mines. If the Allies blow up the bank the defense inside should be very strong. Best with a MG42 and a Panzerfaust. In front of the bank lay alot of mines and destroy the truck.

The tank with the mounted MG42 rocks ...


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