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ET: fueldump

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Name: Fuel Dump official
Game: RtCW: Enemy Territory (ET)
A complex map in a snowy landscape where the Allies have to go with a tank to the Axis camp to blow up the Fuel Dump. You play mainly outdoors on this map.

First you have to build the bridge so you can escort the tank to the Axis camp. Near the Axis camp is a command post to build. It's possible to infiltrate the camp with a Covert Ops in hostile uniform. Accompanied by an engineer the game can be finished very fast.

First you should build the command post and the lookout tower with the mounted MG42. Most important thing is that the tank doesn't cross the bridge. After the bridge is build you are able to destroy it. Mines are best placed at the beginning at the suspension bridge to prevent that the Allies come from behind and fall into your back.
There's also the enclosure at the fuel dump to build and a second lookout tower opposite the tunnel exit. Mines should be placed in front of the small entrance door to keep away Covert Ops. Also at the main entrance and the crack in the wall.

The tank with the mounted MG42 rocks ...


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